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Project Description


 The performance utilizes the liminal in-between zoom space to co-create a new world together. We engage with micro movements, energetic tuning scores, and emergent text construction to collectively develop a shared language which serves as material to propose a new framework for intimacy grounded in emergence, slowness, and economies of attention. We do not know what will come next, or how we will get there, but we can allow it to radically unfold if we practice deep noticing. This work is a rehearsal for new ways of being in relation with ourselves and one another; these are methods for engaging with nonlinear time, iterative language, and emergent fractal thought patterns.

If the zoom space pre-supposes a lack of or irrelevance of the tactile physical body, and intimacy as we know it is grounded in a proximity or physical experience of bodies being together, how then do we find each other in this moment. Across time and space to meet, be together, and find each other. What are the new strategies for and new configurations of “touch”? Where is the body? How do we find each other now? What are the new constellations, networks, and strategies for experiencing, sharing, and creating intimacy?

I am thinking through choreography as constructed ecosystems, wherein the social order is highly prescribed and everybody plays a role. These roles however can be fucked with and slippages and refusals can occur.

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Body as container

Body as disciplined spatially and temporally

Body as abject

Body as signifier of personhood

Body as in relation to another

Body as site of memory

Body as proposing new temporal and linguistic logics

Body as spectacle-- always being seen

Body as superficial

Body as material

Body as sonic resonances

Body as emergent

Body as unfixed

Body as the social body

Body as space 

If your body is my body then what makes my body my body?

This is not private. Nothing is private. Your perceptions are also attending to the fact that you are being watched (even if you are alone).


You are never still, you are always moving out of and into the next thing. 


This is not a space of constraint; we are slowing down to access the immense possibilities for abundance inside of these conditions.


Slowness does not equal stillness.


Your body is operating inside of systems and you cannot be universalized or neutralized or de-politicized. Attend to this reality as well. 


You are not an abstract body in space bereft of y/our historical and ancestral realities; however nuanced that may be. 


While we do this work, we are processing and shifting the ways in which we move through, notice, and perceive the multiple systems in which we occupy. 


Doing the work of dismantling systemic oppression is not abstract, it is happening in and through your body in real time and space. 


Dancing is not neutral or apolitical. The ways in which we move  are reflective of past encounters and are rehearsals of future encounters. 

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